The Stagnant Domestic Vanadium Market Is Waiting For Steel Bidding At the beginning of this week, the domestic vanadium market continued the weak stalemate atmosphere of last week. The market quotations were focused on the low range of transaction prices to clinch a deal. The downstream vanadium alloy manufacturers still faced pressure to sell. Although the price of V2O5 flake was quite firm, there were few actual transactions. Ferrovanadium and vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers faced double pressure from raw materials and steel plant terminals. At present, the quotation of V2O5 flake is about 93,000 Yuan/ton, and partial transactions are completed. The inquiry price of alloy factory is about 92,000-92,500 Yuan/ton. The concession willingness of V2O5 flake holders is relatively low in the short term.

In terms of alloy, due to the less inquiry and slack transactions in FeV market, there is a large gap in market quotations, especially the obvious difference between manufacturers and traders. At present, the quotation of FeV manufacturers is between 98,000-101,000 Yuan/ton, while FeV in bulk market is quoted at 97,000 Yuan/ton in cash. At present, the price of VN alloy is quoted at 142,000-143,000 Yuan/ton in cash. Some of the transaction prices are low, but the small quantity is difficult to represent the mainstream market. In the short term, the domestic vanadium market continues to be weak and stalemate, waiting for the steel bidding to pull up the downstream demand, bringing a new round of price direction to the market.