The Steel Bidding Negotiation Remains Deadlock Up to now, the steel mills have gradually started the steel bidding procurement in March, and the alloy market inquiry has increased slightly. However, due to the weak market and poor steel market efficiency, the steel mills mainly presses the price on raw material procurement, while the vanadium alloy has sufficient spot after a period of light trading, which has a great pressure on bidding competition, but the willingness to accept orders at a low price from the steel mills is not high.

Today, the mainstream transaction price in the vanadium market maintains at 95000 yuan / ton by cash, which is in good condition. The market price of FEV is 100000-102000 yuan / ton, and that of some vanadium nitrogen alloy manufacturers is 146000-147000 yuan / ton. However, it is difficult to make a deal at the current low price. Before the result of steel bidding, downstream purchasers are hesitant, and the alloy market is still in a weak state.