The Steel Bidding Price Fails To Reach The Expected Market Price And Vanadium Prices Are Hard To Move Up In Future Market After a period of bidding, the bidding price of Laiwu Steel finally came out. The price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is CNY 197,000/t, while that of ferrovanadium is CNY 137,000/t by acceptance. If it does not meet the expected market price, the manufacturer’s quotation is not less than CNY 200,000/t. As soon as this price comes out, the market’s confidence in the continued strength of vanadium price has been shaken. In addition, the output of vanadium-nitrogen alloy has continued to increase in August, with an increase of 375 tons compared with July. At the end of the month, the manufacturer has stocks for sale.

At the beginning of this month, the procurement by steel mills is still not much, and the downstream alloy plants continue to bear pressure. It is difficult to V2O5 flake at the price of CNY 133,000/t. The slight rebound in the price of HRB400 12MM has limited impact on the promotion of vanadium market in the short term, while the future market is weak, and prices remain stable temporarily.