The Stock Analysis Of Ferrovanadium Enterprises In August In August, vanadium prices continue to decline, steel mills’ demand is weaker than in July, and downstream alloy manufacturers are facing sales problems. As vanadium price falls near the quoted price of the factory, it is difficult to fall again. The downstream manufacturers may suffer pressure to produce at a loss, and the output will be affected to a certain extent. At the end of the month, the market prices have finally stopped falling, while the firm attitude of the manufacturers remains unchanged, offering high prices to wait and see. As a result, manufacturers have a small amount of stock, which has increased compared with last month.

According to the incomplete statistics of 37 ferrovanadium enterprises in production, the stock of ferrovanadium enterprises is about 185 tons at the end of August, which is about 30 tons more than July.

Number of enterprises
Stock in Aug.(Ton)
Compared with last month(Ton)