The Vanadium Price Is Slightly Weak For Low Enthusiasm Of Steel Mills This week, the domestic vanadium price is in a downward trend, and the prices of various vanadium products are down to different degrees compared with last week. Among them, the vanadium nitrogen alloy is down nearly 3000-4000 yuan / ton, with a relatively obvious drop; the ferrovanadium is down about 2000-3000 yuan / ton; the price of V2O5 flake fluctuates slightly, with a drop of about 500-1000 yuan / ton. This week, the bidding of domestic steel mills is relatively concentrated, but from the perspective of actual purchase volume, the demand is still not optimistic, the purchase price of steel mills is under pressure, and some alloy plants are under pressure to supply, which is difficult to maintain the principal and has a slight loss. Some manufacturers said that they were unwilling to sell at low prices. It is difficult to guarantee the synchronous low-level purchase of vanadium in the later stage. They continued to wait and see the trend of vanadium market.

The international market is also in a downward channel. The decline of ferrovanadium in Europe is relatively obvious, down about $2.525/kg of vanadium in a week, and as of Wednesday, it was quoted at $26-27 / kg of vanadium; the slight decline of vanadium pentoxide in Europe was about $0.125/pound of vanadium oxide, and the quotation on Wednesday night was $6.5-7.25/pound. European demand is also weak, with few single transactions and few overall transactions.