Top 5 Miners To Invest In The Vanadium Boom

Date: Jun 6, 2018


A brief summary of vanadium uses, vanadium price, and vanadium demand versus supply dynamics.

Vanadium miners comparison.

My top 5 vanadium stock picks.

For a background on the vanadium sector and the vanadium miners investors can view my article:

Vanadium uses, vanadium price, and vanadium demand versus supply

Vanadium is mostly used as a steel hardener, but more recently has become popular in utility large scale energy storage in the form of Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries [VRFBs], also called VRBs for short. China has an enormous amount of solar and wind capacity that blend perfectly with this type of energy storage. This has led to big name miners such as Robert Friedland getting on board the vanadium boom which has only just begun. As a result vanadium prices have started to rise as can be seen in the graph below.

China Vanadium Pentoxide [V2O5] Flake 98% Price – USD 15.40/lb

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