Vanadium-Carrying Mineral Confirmed At Sweden Prospecting Area

European battery metals developer Eurobattery Minerals discovered a certain type of the mineral rutile as part of analysis carried out on thin section cuts from drill core samples from its prospecting site in Fetsjön, Västerbotten, in northern Sweden.

The developer claims that scientists have concluded that rutile is the carrier of vanadium.

The results stem from preliminary experiments on prospects of vanadium recovery from shales conducted by scientists from Uppsala University and AGH University of Science & Technology in Krakow, Poland.

The scientists have conducted both field studies and microprobe analysis of material from Eurobattery’s prospect area in Fetsjön as part of a collaboration announced in December 2019.

Previous vanadium, which is a key component in a vast number of electronic equipment including electric vehicles, smartphones and computers, has been identified in the bedrock in the prospect area without detailed knowledge about the specific carrier of the metal.

Eurobattery CEO Roberto García Martínez says that even if these results are early, it is nonetheless encouraging to see that the scientists have now identified the carrier of the vanadium in the company’s prospecting area.

The developer adds that the research project will continue in accordance with the plan and the next step is to initiate tests on sustainable ways to extract vanadium from this specific mineral.