Vanadium Consumption Analysis In August 2019 According to incomplete statistics from ferroalloynet, the output of vanadium pentoxide in vanadium market in August 2019 was about 9,620 tons, including 8,650 tons of vanadium pentoxide flake and 970 tons of vanadium pentoxide powder. Ferrovanadium output was 3,720 tons, while vanadium-nitrogen output was 5,375 tons.

3,720 tons of ferrovanadium (about 1010 tons of ferrovanadium 80#) should consume 4,326 tons of V2O5 flake, and 5,375 tons of vanadium-nitrogen should consume 7,611 tons of V2O5, total need 11,937 tons of V2O5. In August, V2O5 export volume and the quantity of long-term orders totaled about 400 tons. Thus the total consumption of vanadium pentoxide should be 12,337 tons. The market was short of about 2,717 tons of V2O5. This month, the output of vanadium-nitrogen alloy has increased dramatically, and the consumption of vanadium pentoxide has also increased. However, the downward trend will put some pressure on the stock of vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers at the end of next month, and the spot alloys may still be difficult to be consumed.