Vanadium Consumption Analysis In February 2020 According to incomplete statistic, the output of V2O5 in the vanadium market in February 2020 is about 8545 tons, including 8220 tons of V2O5 flake, 325 tons of V2O5 powder, 2560 tons of ferrovanadium and 4435 tons of vanadium nitrogen alloy.

Serial number Product Conversion rate Output Converted output
1 V2O5 powder →VN 1:1/1.42  — 0.00
2 V2O5 flake→VN 1:1/1.42  — 0.00
3 V2O5 flake→Ferrovanadium 1:1  — 0.00
4 50#ferrovanadium→V2O5 flake 1:1 1675 1675
5 80#ferrovanadium→V2O5 flake 1.6:1 885 1416
6 VN→V2O5 flake 1:1.416 4435 6280

According to the calculation in the figure, the output of FEV is 2560 tons, of which 80 FEV is about 885 tons, the total amount of V2O5 flake is about 3091 tons, 4435 tons of vanadium nitrogen alloy is about 6280 tons, and the consumption of FEV and vanadium nitrogen alloy is about 9371 tons. In February, the export volume of some orders in the international market, plus the long orders, is estimated to be about 300 tons. The volume of imported vanadium, ferrovanadium and vanadium nitrogen alloy ordered in the early stage is estimated to be about 550 tons when they arrive at the port in February. The total market consumption is about 9671 tons, and the market gap is about 576 tons. In February, the operation rate of ammonium metavanadate is relatively low, and the volume used in metallurgy is about 120 tons. Therefore, the gap at the raw material end is compressed at 450 tons.