Vanadium Enterprises Are More Willing To Support The Price And The Quotations Start To Stabilize Yesterday, the quotation of vanadium products began to stabilize. After the consumption of previous stock, traders’ stock has reduced. At present, they are reluctant to reduce prices again. Some vanadium-nitrogen alloy factories are in normal production and some of them are out of stock. At present, the market price is low, so it belongs to loss trading. They hope to sell when the price becomes better. Currently, the tax-inclusive offer of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is CNY 195,000-198,000/t by cash, CNY 135,000-138,000/t for ferrovanadium, CNY 125,000-128,000/t for ammonium metavanadate, with few transaction.

In recent two days, the vanadium prices have been stabilizing. Market transactions are still limited. Approaching to the end of the month, steel tenders will get more and more. Whether there will be new trends in vanadium prices still needs to be observed. We suggest that traders should operate cautiously and purchase appropriately.