Vanadium Enterprises’ Quotations Were Firm Earlier This Week At the beginning of the week, the quotations for major vanadium products were stable. The tax-inclusive quotation for ammonium metavanadate is CNY 127,000-130,000/t by cash, CNY 132,000-134,000/t for V2O5 flake and V2O5 powder, CNY 137,000-140,000/t for 50# ferrovanadium, CNY 197,000-200,000/t for vanadium-nitrogen alloy. The price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is at a low level, and the bulk V2O5 flake is tight. In addition, Sichuan Desheng has no plan to sell V2O5 flake for the time being in September. It is expected that raw materials in the bulk market will become tight and manufacturers will not sell goods at low prices. Last week, the tax-inclusive transaction price of V2O5 flake was CNY 132,000/t by cash.

At present, the vanadium market is deadlocked, the price of raw materials in the upstream is slightly high, the price of alloys in the downstream is difficult to rise, and there are few transactions. New steel bidding price is needed to stimulate the circulation of vanadium products.