Vanadium Investment: What’s Different About The Price Spike Today?

Date: Feb 11, 2019

Vanadium Investment Panel with Mark Chalmers, CEO of Energy Fuels Inc., Paul Cowley, CEO of First Vanadium Corp., George Glasier, CEO of Western Uranium & Vanadium Corp., and Gerald Panneton, CEO of Prophecy Development Corp – moderated by Mickey Fulp of MercenaryGeologist.Com.

Western Uranium & Vanadium, we just changed the name this year last year to change to emphasize the Vanadium investment we’ve got prior producing mines that were developed back in the 70s and 80s by Union Carbide. Union Carbide was a major vanadium producer in those days as I think all of you at the table know because we all have projects that Union Carbide was involved in. We’ve got some of the mines that carbide actually produced Sunday mine complex is a permitted mine it’s five mines in Western Colorado very high grade vanadium mines at about 2 percent. We actually took a sample and I’ve got that on my Web site that showed a 12 percent sample of vanadium in that mine.

The interesting thing about a Union Carbide with both the uranium and vanadium miner back in the 80s and at the vanadium grade was high but the uranium grade was low they just left it in the mine. And I think Mark’s got the same kind of situations in his mines where he’s looking at the valuable resource of vanadium that was left in the mine simply because Vanadium investment in those days was probably less than 50 cents a pound and uranium with forty dollars a pound. So the economics didn’t lend itself to recovering that high grade vanadium. So that will be our emphasis to first go after that. And beyond that certainly our uranium resources.

Well that was quick I gave you two minutes used about 1 so. Okay.

Good morning everyone. Prophecy owns the Jubilee new deposit that’s a Nevada EP operation we’re currently in the updating of a feasibility study that was accompanied by American Vanadium for those who have been involved. Has been known for many many years. It’s an oxide deposit it’s actually not an open pit mine and open the hill that we’re going to be mining our supreme was point two to one. Metallurgy all the work has been done to produce approximately 5000 tonne of vanadium tool 5 per year or 2500. And we’re planning to continue our process of permitting this year of updating to study and drill program also to increase our resource and we’ll deposit. Djibouti’s fully drill’s fully feasible. And we look forward to the market on the Vinny’s Yumbe on this Vinny’s in project over here. Thank you very much for coming today. All.

Ladies. Paul Kelly with the president CEO for first lady Amcor. And we’re focused on the Carland Vanadium investment project that’s in the Corlin gold trend. It’s one of the largest highest grade primary Vanadium investment deposits in North America. Last year. Well a little snapshot of our of our corporate share structure. We’ve got a tight share structure of 39 million shares. We’ve got two million dollars in cash.

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