Vanadium Market Continued To Be Weak At noon yesterday, large V2O5 flake factories adjusted their latest quotations. The mentality of downstream vanadium alloy manufacturers diverged. Some manufacturers with a strong market attitude calculated the basic cost line based on the quotations of large factories, so they made firm offers. However, some manufacturers without long orders offered to ship at a lower price. Including the raw material side, the pricing of large factories did not restrain the weakness of bulk goods, the transaction price of bulk V2O5 flakes still could not approach the large factories, and the alloy manufacturers continued to press down the raw material prices according to their own shipment situation. Generally speaking, after the pricing of large factories, the weakening trend of vanadium market has not improved for the time being.
At present, the actual transaction price of V2O5 flake in retail market is about 97000 yuan / ton by cash. According to some alloy manufacturers, they have purchased goods at the price of 96000 yuan / ton by cash, which belongs to low price. At present, the intended price of ferrovanadium and VN alloy manufacturers is between 95000 yuan / ton and 96000 yuan / ton by cash. After yesterday’s pricing, Tranvic, Desheng and Jianlong said that they all signed about 300 tons, and Jianlong’s monthly output had been signed out. Dagang made a unified offer of 98500 yuan / ton by cash yesterday, but said that the sales at this price were not optimistic. Some enterprises thought that this phenomenon belonged to the pricing buffer period, and the future market is likely to be stable gradually.
The ferrovanadium market is still quiet at present, and the main transaction in the market is mainly long-term order supply. It is understood that the main transaction price of steel mills supplied by processing plants and traders is still around 102000 yuan / ton by cash, but the purchase price of traders is low, which is expected to be around 100000 yuan / ton. The price of some small factories is relatively low, so it is not necessary to take as mainstream reference for the time being.
At present, the quotations of VN alloy manufacturers are different. In order to promote the transaction, the spot price of some manufacturers is about 152000 yuan / ton by cash, and the lowest price of a small amount of spot goods is 151000 yuan / ton by cash. The price of the manufacturers who have long-term agreement with V2O5 flake plants is 154000-155000 yuan / ton by cash. Although the transaction is difficult, the quotation can be strengthened for a period of time. Low-price retail raw materials and VN alloy spot transaction will maintain the downward trend, and if large factories keep their quotation unchanged for a certain period of time, and the price may be stopped falling after the consumption of retail goods for a period of time.