Vanadium Market is Hard to Stop Dropping and The Terminal Procurement Volume is Little During the mid-month, there are fewer purchases of ferrovanadium, vanadium-nitrogen alloy by the downstream, and bulk manufacturers are actively selling their goods, market quotations continue to decline. As far as we know, in bulk market, vanadium-nitrogen alloy is sold at a low price of CNY 210,000/t by cash, while the price of some bulk ferrovanadium fall below CNY 140,000/t. In terms of raw materials, CNY 138,000/t of V2O5 flake and metallurgical V2O5 powder have been quoted and traded. Ammonium metavanadate flows to the chemical industry more and the price drop is smaller.

In recent days, the bulk market has sold more raw materials and promoted each other at a comparative price. Downstream alloy manufacturers are facing the problem of selling goods, and it is estimated that there is still room for price reduction.