Vanadium Market Is Still In A Stalemate And Prices Are In A Dilemma Today, vanadium market continues to be stable, and the quotations for various products have not been adjusted much compared with yesterday’s. Yesterday, the pricing from Chengde, Jianlong and Tranvic was CNY 130,000/t by acceptance, down CNY 20,000/t from the previous price of CNY 150,000/t. This pricing belongs to rational regression and has little impact on the market, which may be conducive to the continued stability of the future market. However, the cost of nearly CNY 200,000/t still leads to high pressure in vanadium-nitrogen alloy plants. It is expected that the trading in V2O5 flake market will be poor in the short term, and the downstream will bear pressure to sell goods.

The sale price of downstream alloys is difficult to rise and the price of upstream raw materials is CNY 130,000/t. Vanadium prices are in a dilemma and may maintain for some time.