Vanadium Market Price Remains Stable Judging from the recent transaction situation of vanadium raw materials and vanadium alloys, the vanadium market has begun to enter a weak consolidation. At present, except for the relatively active bidding market, the transaction of spot market is still poor. However, from the attitude of the suppliers, the willingness of the future market to continue to reduce the quotation for shipment is obviously reduced, and they prefer to wait and see. On the one hand, the quotations of large factories are unchanged to support the market, and on the other hand, the downstream bidding prices are different, and the decline in vanadium market suspended in the short term.
At present, the quotation of V2O5 flake in bulk market is 101000 yuan / ton in cash, which is acceptable by some alloy plants and is the mainstream transaction in the current spot market. At present, the three large V2O5 flake factories maintain the offer of 107000 yuan / ton by acceptance. Yesterday, Dagang said that the spot price of V2O5 flake was 105000 yuan / ton in cash. The support of large raw material plants reduced the willingness of retailed suppliers to reduce the price of shipment, and the long-term price support of large factories makes the consumption of low-cost bulk goods good in recent days. According to VN alloy plants, the supply of V2O5 flake with a price of 101000 yuan / ton has actually decreased.
At present, the quoted price of ferrovanadium processing plant is 106000-107000 yuan / ton in cash, which is not easy to trade. In bulk market, the quoted price of ferrovanadium is 104000-105000 yuan / ton in cash. The mainstream transaction price is about 104000 yuan / ton, and the low transaction price is 103000 yuan / ton. Steel mills intend to delay purchasing and waiting for price drop. Traders have little space to operate. Recently, inquiries from traders are not active. However, due to the support of raw materials, it is difficult to continue to fall in the short term.
At present, most of the VN alloy manufacturers offer at 159000-160000 yuan / ton in cash, and about 160000-164000 yuan / ton by acceptance. The transaction price in the spot market is about 157000-158000 yuan / ton in cash. According to traders, the steel mills’ offer is only 158000 yuan / ton in cash, which is difficult to operate. Based on the price of 2O5 flake of 101000 yuan / ton in the bulk market, if the processing cost is 12000 yuan / ton, and the manufacturer’s selling price is 157000 yuan / ton, and the profit margin is only 1500 yuan / ton. Therefore, the current low transaction price in the market has approached the lowest cost of the manufacturer. Under the condition that the price of raw materials stop falling, the high transaction price of VN alloy in the later market may decrease, but there is little room for the low transaction price to continue to move downward.