Vanadium Market Went Down Slightly During The Period Of Bidding Up to now, the bidding of some steel mills has been finalized. Combined with the transaction situation of spot market, the transaction price of vanadium alloy has moved down slightly. The price of raw materials is weak, and the bidding price of steel plant is expected to be weak slightly.
Recently, the weak price pattern of raw material end is difficult to improve. The transaction price of ammonium polyvanadate is about 95000-96000 yuan / ton in cash, and the transaction price of ammonium metavanadate is between 96000 yuan / ton and 98000 yuan / ton according to the quality. The price of bulk V2O5 flake is 101000-101500 / ton in cash. The market transaction price is around the low range, and a small amount of transaction in Sichuan is between 100000 Yuan/ton and 101000 Yuan/ton, which is not the mainstream reference for the time being. The ferrovanadium and VN alloy manufacturers are still not active in purchasing, and the spot market of V2O5 flake seems to be calming down, the phenomenon of dumping is reduced and the main market performance is deadlock.
According to the reports of manufacturers and traders, it is difficult to trade FeV50 at a price of 105000 yuan / ton in cash, most of which are around 103000-104000 yuan / ton in cash. Some purchasers said that lower price sources could be purchased in the bulk market, which increased the pressure on ferrovanadium processing plants. In the case that the prices of large factories remained unchanged, only to purchase raw material with a lower price, so as to maintain production.
At present, the price quoted by VN alloy manufacturers is mostly around 159000-160000 yuan / ton in cash. The low-level transaction price is 158000 yuan / ton in cash, and the bidding price of Kunming Steel is 163900 yuan / ton in cash. Although this bidding price is high in the market, it is difficult for the manufacturer to refer to the actual shipment. The small bidding quantity and payment method are the influencing factors of the abnormally high bidding price. The actual transaction reference in the market is between 161000 yuan / ton and 163000 yuan / ton by acceptance.
In terms of overall mentality, both vanadium factories and traders are not optimistic about the later market. They hope that the demand will be boosted after the end of the rainy season. After entering September, China will gradually end the rainy season from the north. The peak season of steel market from September to October is still expected. However, given the supply of nearly 12000 tons of domestic and imported vanadium pentoxide, it is expected that the increase in demand is mainly to stop price falling, and it is not easy to rebound and rise.