Vanadium-Nitrogen Plants Produce Under Pressure And Vanadium Prices Keep Declining Vanadium-nitrogen alloy prices drop under pressure, and bidding prices have shown a downward trend. Manufacturers are active in bidding. Although the quotations are high, the steel mills still depress the price, and the mainstream tax-inclusive transaction price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is CNY 210,000-220,000/t. The spot price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy has been lowered synchronously to CNY 215,000-220,000/t by cash, while the futures price is CNY 210,000-220,000/t. It is expected that the goods will be traded at the end of month or the beginning of September, and there may be few transactions. For medium-sized and large vanadium-nitrogen plants, on the one hand, some V2O5 flake is supplied by large factories with a price of CNY 130,000/t; on the other hand, they have to purchase raw materials with an acceptance price of CNY 150,000/t under great pressure. Generally speaking, the purchase price of V2O5 flake is expected to be around CNY 140,000/t, and the cost of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is about CNY 210,000/t. According to the current transaction prices, vanadium plants are under pressure and can barely accept orders.