Vanadium Pentoxide Flake Deal Prices have big Gap

Date: Jan 25, 2019 The current market prices for vanadium pentoxide flake in China rise again by CNY 5000/T, with the higher deal price at CNY 230000-250000/t by cash from retailing market in small scale producers. The big companies remain to insist the price at CNY 210000/t by acceptance, which has big gap compared with the retailing price.

With this spiking price in V2O5 flake, some ferrotitanium companies also increase the price while few still insist even lower down the price to withdraw money. Thanks to the sluggish demands and abundant supply, some ferrovanadium companies who still have low cost V2O5 flake stockpile just reduce the price to CNY 235000-240000/t and the high price also reaches to CNY 250000/t by cash because of the high cost in V2O5.

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