Vanadium price forecasts for next week (November 5-9, 2018)

Date: Nov 2, 2018

www.ferroalloynet.comVanadium market prices remain stable this week.The large-scale factory increased vanadium pentoxide flake prices to 510000 rmb/ton by acceptance with tax.Ammonium metavanadate is trading in a range of 460000-470000 rmb/ton by cash, and vanadium pentoxide powder is trading in a range of 480000-500000 rmb/ton by cash. The offers of ferrovanadium are decreased slightly with the middlemen quotation of 460000-480000 rmb/ton. Vanadium-nitrogen market offers stand in a range of 760000-780000 rmb/ton. The middlemen show interest in selling but the transaction remains thin. Judging from the market situation of recent two or three weeks, FerroAlloyNet predicts that vanadium market may continue stability next week.

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