Vanadium price forecasts for September (September 1-31, 2018)

Date: Sep 6, 2018 In August, vanadium market basically remained stable in price. The traders were active in selling, leading the inventoriy at lows. However, as the prices stabilized, the profit margin of the middlemen narrowed and some of them suspended any operation among the stable prices but few inventories.Thus, the spot cargoes of vanadium products were decreased sharply. In terms of the manufacturers, high-price raw materials made high risk of stockpiling, so most of them produced according to the signed orders and didn’t overstock. At the end of August, the spot demand became the impetus of the price increase. Some suppliers with small quantity of spot cargoes started to increase offering prices, including V2O5 powder, nitrided ferrovanadium and vanadium-nitrogen. Meanwhile, some steel mills offering the bidding price at 420000 rmb/ton, while the vanadium-nitrogen market prices were 410000 rmb/ton. Many market participants think the vanadium price may go further up in the future.

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