Vanadium Prices Are In A Stalemate And Manufacturers Mainly Take Wait-And-See Stances At The Beginning Of The Week At the beginning of the week, vanadium enterprises mainly wait and see, the quotations are relatively firm with high or low, and the actual transaction is sluggish. Since last Thursday, some companies began to be more reluctant to sell at a lower price. In addition, without the guidance of steel bidding, the activity of buying and selling is low. The offer of ammonium metavanadate is CNY 126,000-130,000/t, CNY 130,000-135,000/t for V2O5 flake, CNY 138,000-140,000/t for ferrovanadium, CNY 195,000-200,000/t for vanadium-nitrogen alloy. The quotations are stable with a slight increase, but the deal is not satisfactory.

According to the steel tenders of vanadium-nitrogen alloy in August, the demand is obviously lower than that of last month. In response to the rising and falling vanadium prices, the procurement strategy of steel mills has also changed. In addition, the recent price deformed steel bar is weak, steel mills lack of production power, and the procurement for vanadium alloy has naturally reduced.