Vanadium Prices Edge Down and Market Inquires Are Few

alloy has dropped from CNY 210,000/t to CNY 195,000/t by acceptance. The bulk price has been affected by the tender price, dropping accordingly, with few market inquires. Vanadium prices rose in July, some traders hoarded more goods, and began to release in August. As soon as steel mills purchase, manufacturers and traders make bidding competitively. When the prices of vanadium fall, traders purchase less. Even if the production is at a loss, vanadium-nitrogen plants have to take orders from steel mills under pressure to avoid accumulating too much inventory.

The acceptance price of V2O5 flake in Tranvic and Desheng is CNY 130,000/t and that of Jianlong is CNY 150,000/t. Downstream vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers purchase more, and the price of bulk V2O5 flake has fallen to CNY 130,000/t by cash. The downward steel bidding price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is bound to stimulate the bulk price to fall again.