Vanadium weekly review (March 26-30, 2018): Vanadium prices barely remain stable on slightly weak demand

Date: Mar 30, 2018 This week, vanadium market basically remains stable. Vanadium pentoxide flake supply is tight and small and middle suppliers quote at 195000-197000 rmb/ton with tax. Ferrovanadium companies prefer to sign orders and quote at highs given the difficulty on raw material replenishment. Vanadium-nitrogen companies mostly are waiting for the bidding prices at present.

China vanadium market review

China ammonium metavanadate market

Ammonium metavanadate transaction prices mainly stand in a range of 180000-182000 rmb/ton with tax, and market prices generally sit at highs. The operating rate and the output are low, and the factories extracting vanadium from stone coal fewly resume production. The buyers don’t want to restock large tonnages , especially when the prices rise to highs.

China vanadium pentoxide market

Vanadium pentoxide flake prices remain at highs. Small and middle scale suppliers quote at higher level of 195000-197000 rmb/ton with tax, while major suppliers stabilize prices at 188000 rmb/ton with tax. However, the inventories are small in spot market and the output stands at lows as well. Vanadium pentoxide powder market faces the low level of supplies as well.

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