VanadiumCorp joins the Vanitec Energy Storage Committee (ESC) and Provides the Schematic Diagram of the Integrated Technologies

Date: Dec 1, 2017
VanadiumCorp Resource Inc. (TSX-V: “VRB”) (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has joined the Energy Storage Committee (ESC) of Vanitec Limited (“Vanitec”). Vanitec brings together research organizations and manufacturers of products that contain vanadium with companies involved in the mining and processing of the metal.  The use of vanadium in energy storage is growing rapidly.  VanadiumCorp brings the advantage of strategic vanadium resources and provides a schematic diagram showing the potential industrial and environmental benefits of integrating vertically the jointly owned VanadiumCorp-Electrochem chemical technology with the electrowinning of metallic iron patented worldwide by Electrochem Technologies & Materials Inc. (“Electrochem”).

VanadiumCorp Resource Inc. (CNW Group/VanadiumCorp Resource Inc.)

“The ESC is the leading platform addressing industry challenges through research and collaboration and fostering use of vanadium in energy storage technologies that are more efficient and cost-effective than competing technologies. Renewable energy is intermittent and challenging for many types of batteries to store efficiently. Vanadium has the advantage of buffering and storing energy without generating heat,” said Adriaan Bakker, President and CEO of VanadiumCorp. “VRFBs outlast lithium batteries many times over, and the main component (electrolyte) can be reused indefinitely. Lithium-ion batteries are ideal for small applications that require high power output for a few hours.  When reliable power is needed for longer duration, VRFBs provide a superior alternative scalable to utility size applications.”

Management of VanadiumCorp and Electrochem recently attended the 93rd Vanitec Energy Storage Committee (ESC) Meeting in London UK and met separately with global end users collaborating with VanadiumCorp.

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