Weak Demand In Vanadium Market

www.ferroalloynet.com In recent days, vanadium market continued to be weak, and the downstream alloy transactions were slack with no inquiry. Due to the high storage pressure of the steel mills, the increasing reduction and the decreasing demand for vanadium alloy, the overall turnover of the vanadium market is depressed. At present, vanadium nitrogen alloy manufacturers offer at 149000-150000 yuan / ton, 50# ferrovanadium at 101000-102000 yuan / ton, V2O5 flakes at 95000-96000 yuan / ton, with tax by cash. And ammonium metavanadate is not traded temporarily. This week, only vanadium trading was relatively active. Yesterday, the mainstream transaction price was 95000 yuan / ton, and alloy factories did not accept the price higher than that.

In the near future, the ferroniobium market is stable, and the price does not fluctuate too much. The quotation for bulk goods is 195000-198000 yuan / ton by cash, while for CITIC metal in the first quarter is 205000-225000 yuan / ton, which is a good deal. CITIC metal said that the demand for ferroniobium is relatively stable in February, and it is expected that there will be some pressure in March. The steel mills will reduce production, and the demand for ferroniobium will certainly decrease.