Weak VN Bidding Price From Steel Plants

www.ferroalloynet.com: Yesterday, the purchase price of VN alloy in Anhui Changjiang was 144,800 Yuan/ton, by acceptance with tax, and the transaction price in bulk market was not higher than cash price of 142,000 Yuan/ton. The demand for VN alloy was weak, and the bidding price of steel plant was weak. The overall market turnover was not good, the pressure of alloy factories was increasing, and the volume of V2O5 flake in the bulk market fell simultaneously. Yesterday, the transaction price in the bulk market was 93500 Yuan/ton in cash. Although the price of mainstream V2O5 flake is relatively unified to 96,000 Yuan/ton by  acceptance with tax, if traders and small factories want to sell, the shipment price of V2O5 flake is bound to be adjusted according to the market. At present, the intended purchase price of alloy factory is reduced to 92,500-93,000 Yuan/ton in cash.
Facing the pressure of high storage and destocking in steel works, It will take a little time for vanadium market demand to return. This period of adjustment will inevitably make the alloy plants bear a lot of pressure. In the short term, this situation will inevitably cause some small plants to stop production and wait for the market to return to a stable state before resuming production.