Xichuan Jinyang Invested 700 Million Yuan To Build An All-Vanadium Industrial Chain From Smelting To Energy Storage

On March 7, the interview group of Nanyang Daily “Forge a New Journey and Contribute to a New Era – Chunyong Nanyang President (Editor-in-Chief) Visits Projects to See Changes” visited Xichuan Jinyang Energy Storage Technology Co., LTD in Xiangjiuhou Industrial Park, Xichuan County Industrial Cluster. Jinyang Company is located in Houpo Town, Xichuan County. “What you see is the company’s first-phase project – a vanadium smelting plant. It is located in the core water source area of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. We will adopt comprehensive utilization of resources and mature environmental protection technology to realize the recycling of waste water and discharge of waste gas in the production process.” As soon as they met, Huang Shikang, deputy general manager of Jinyang Company, answered the questions that everyone was most concerned about.
Xichuan is rich in vanadium soil resources. Jinyang Vanadium Smelting Plant covers an area of ?147 mu, with a planned total investment of 500 million yuan. It has designed and constructed 15 workshops, with a daily processing capacity of 500 tons of ore and an annual output of 2,785 tons of vanadium pentoxide (V2O5 flake). The foundation stone of the project was laid in August last year, and the construction of 8 vanadium smelting workshops was started at the same time. Since the start of construction, the workers have been working around the clock, and the project is progressing smoothly. At present, the investment of 80 million yuan has been completed, and the image progress is 35%. It is planned to be put into production in October this year.
Jinyang Vanadium Smelter adopts a domestic mature environmentally friendly process – ore will enter the workshop through a fully enclosed transportation corridor to minimize dust pollution; production wastewater will be treated and recycled through a three-effect evaporation system to meet standards; waste gas will be recycled. Desulfurization and dust removal treatment will be carried out through desulfurization tower, wet electrostatic precipitator system, etc., so as to achieve standard discharge.
Xichuan vanadium soil resources belong to stone coal type vanadium ore, with an average grade of 1.5%. Vanadium produces a large amount of tailings during the smelting process. The disposal of tailings has always been one of the most vexing problems in the vanadium smelting process. How does Jinyang Company deal with a large amount of tailings? Huang Shikang introduced that with the support of the Xichuan County Party Committee and the county government, they reached a cooperation agreement with Xichuan Cement Company and China United Cement Company, and the vanadium soil tailings will be used as raw materials for cement production for comprehensive utilization.
Xichuan Jinyang Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. has two major sections. The first section is the Jinyang Vanadium Smelter under construction, and the second section is the most dazzling vanadium battery energy storage equipment manufacturing project. This sector is planned to start construction in January 2023 and be completed and put into operation in December 2023, with a planned investment of 700 million yuan.
Vanadium battery is a cutting-edge technology in the energy storage industry, and is called “the king of energy storage” by industry insiders. Huang Shikang vividly compares it to a “power hard disk” – it is not only an energy center with a huge amount of storage, but also a small “mobile hard disk” from which users can extract power resources at any time. Compared with other batteries, vanadium batteries have the technical advantages of large reserves, can be increased or decreased arbitrarily, high safety and long life, and can play a huge role in the field of energy storage.
The company signed a contract with the government on July 18, 2021, completed the relevant approval procedures such as the land use certificate on July 25, and held a groundbreaking ceremony on August 12. After the project is completed, it will become the largest all-vanadium flow energy storage battery production line in China. It is expected to achieve an annual output value of about 7 billion yuan, an annual tax payment of 500 million yuan, and provide 500 jobs, achieve the high unity of social, environmental and economic benefits really.