Xinjiang Streamlines The Process Of Foreign Trade Clearance To Help Steel Enterprises Resumption And Production In order to help steel export enterprises return to work and production and achieve efficient customs clearance, Xinjiang has simplified the customs clearance process so that steel products can go through exit formalities at the place where the enterprise is located and directly export after arriving at the port.

The reporter learned from Wuchang customs, subordinating to Urumqi customs, that in the past, when enterprises transported steel to the port and then declared, they not only needed to line up, but also paid the storage fee and detention fee incurred when staying at the port.

Urumqi customs staff said that in the future, the customs will continue to optimize the supervision process of China Europe train, support the centralized declaration of export steel, realize the quick clearance of export steel carried by China Europe train, accelerate the turnover of steel export logistics, and add power to the traditional steel industry to reduce production capacity, improve efficiency and stabilize export.