Yichun Jin Kong Group Issued 10 Million Yuan To Support The Demonstration Production Base Project Of Vanadium Battery Industrialization

In order to implement the requirements of the “Environment and Development” discussion organized by the Yichun Municipal Party Committee,Yichun Jin Kong Group  takes practical actions to create the “Four Best” first-class business environment and actively responds to the demands and suggestions of enterprises. Recently, Yichun Jin Kong Group  efficiently and quickly issued 10 million yuan, which is used to support the demonstration production base project of vanadium battery industrialization .

Jiangxi Yinhui New Energy Co., Ltd. is the investment and construction unit of the city’s key project “Vanadium battery Industrialization Demonstration production base Project”. Due to the large amount of investment in the early stage of the project and insufficient self-owned funds of the enterprise, the land payment of the first phase of the project is short of 10 million yuan. After being informed of the situation, Xinda Pawn Company, a subsidiary of the group, carried out urgent business investigation, on-site verification of the collateral, and implemented risk control measures under the guidance of the risk control Department of the group. Employees in Pawn company and group risk control department work overtime, and group finance gives priority to processing, so it takes only 30 hours from the customer request to loan, then it meets the requirements of client funds. Not only ensures it the steady progress of key construction projects, but also let the enterprise feel of “optimal environment and promote development” activities.

Yichun Jin Kong Group  founded in December 2017, is a state-owned investment and financing enterprise established by yichun Municipal Party Committee and municipal government by integrating local financial resources. At present, it is an investment and financing platform enterprise directly under the government of Yichun city, aiming to serve the development of local real economy and boost the high-quality leapfrog development of Yichun economic society. The group is committed to building a state-owned capital investment and operation enterprise system with standardized corporate governance, reasonable asset structure, good industrial management, diversified financing channels and controllable operational risks. The group has a registered capital of 1 billion yuan and strives to achieve a domestic rating of more than AA in 2021.

Jiangxi Yinhui New Energy Co., Ltd. plans to build a new project with an annual output of 66,000 cubic meters of vanadium electrolyte in Yichun, with a total investment of about 200,000 yuan. The main construction includes new factory building, complex building, administration building and ancillary facilities. The main production technology is the use of reaction kettle, pure water and other equipment, the application of raw material dissolution, mixing reaction, REDOX and other processes. The production scale is planned to build ten vanadium electrolyte production lines, with an annual production capacity of 66,000 cubic meters of vanadium electrolyte.